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A small, hard-working consulting firm based in Downtown Long Beach. Established in 1988, we hit the ground running with our direct approach to design development and project administration. We offer our clients the full package.

Paul Allen Collins, the owner/architect of PAC Design is a native of Southern California. He has cultivated his interest in architecture for over thirty years. Mr. Collins' architectural creativity has grown out of a family background with strong roots in classical music, fine arts, and residential development. Mr. Collins studied architecture and electronic music from 1976 to 1978 at Long Beach City College, Deciding on a major in architecture, Paul attended the prestigious SCI-ARC (Southern California Insitute of Architecture), graduating in April of 1983. During and after college, he had the opportunity to work for several outstanding design firms that allowed him to learn all aspects of the architectural trade. During his apprenticeship, Mr. Collins worked on projects including custom and high end tract homes, health clubs, resort hotels, hospitals, corporate offices, tenant improvements, factories, industrial buildings, retail stores, and restaurants. In 1988 Mr. Collins formed PAC Design and worked out of his home/office in Dana Point. The next few years, Paul spent working on several upscale car wash convienience centers, custom homes and many residential remodel/additions. In May of 1992, Mr. Collins was contracted by the Westside PAC (Project Area Committee) to provide planning and architectural design services for the West Long Beach Industrial Project Area. For the next five years, Paul developed and managed several very successful programs, involving the redevelopment and improvement of over 150 industrial and commercial buisness properties and buildings. From 1997 to present, the PAC Design office has been located at 1415 Cota Avenue, in the heart of the Westside Project Area, near downtown and the Port of Long Beach. Paul and his associates at PAC Design continue to provide quality architectural services for many of his Westside friends and to our new clients. Mr. Collins' diverse interests and talents in architecture, music, photography, graphics, computers, travles, meeting new people and developing lasting relationships contribute to Paul's ability to provide a broad range of client services.

Human Resources

Petra has travelled all over the world and worked in multiple states before settling down in LA. Otherwise known in the office as the networker. With charm and willingness to talk to anyone and everyone has been the key to building our large local client base.

Ernest Rivera
Project Manager / Senior Designer

Ernest has almost two decades of experience in the realm of architecture and has been an integral team member in all phases, from Schematic Design and Design Development to Construction Drawings and getting projects approved through different city agencies. Ernest is currently pursuing his architect's license by taking the ARE's.

Junior Designer / Draftsman

As an aspiring architect, currently in the process of taking the ARE's,  Valeria loves to create in the fields of architecture & fashion. She received her bachelors of architecture from Woodbury University with a minor in Fashion Design in the spring of 2023.  She works on the different phases of each project to get them ready for approval.

LEO PROFILE_edited.jpg


Security Guard

Leo enjoys the simple things, from a bone to barking at strangers, there is never a dull moment with him around.

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